Cave de Chardonnay

History & Background

In the heart of the Maconnais, lies the village of Chardonnay, birthplace of the Chardonnay grape. Truly, it could not have found a better home. Burgundy is the finest place in the world for this noble grape. In honor of such good fortune, we present you with this unique wine from the same village where it all began.

The 260 acres of vineyards are located in the village where it all began. The soils are composed of limestone and clay with a rocky subsoil. Vines are an average of 25 years old. They carefully control yields and practice sustainable agriculture. The Cave de Chardonnay has taken great care with these vineyards, protecting the great history of the area. Now, they have decided the time is right to create this special cuvee, selected from the best vineyard sites in Chardonnay. This delicious wine captures the essence of the Chardonnay grape and the wonderful Macon region of Burgundy.