Domaine Houchart

Domaine Houchart is today owned by Geneviève, the wife of Jérôme Quiot, having been originally acquired by her great-grandfather. During the period of the 1850's, Aurelien Houchart was an energetic proprietor and negociant in wine, and created one of the largest domaine in Provence. Amongst the friends of Aurelien Houchart was the famous painter Cezanne, who frequently came to visit. They both remembered their time of school together.

Subsequently his domaine was divided between the five children, with Hilaire Houchart, Geneviève Quiot's grandfather inheriting 50 hectares of vines (123 acres), the cellars and other agricultural buildings. On 18th June 2002, Jérôme Quiot bought the Domaine de Verlaque located at 2 km from Domaine Houchart. This 30 hectares Domaine was owned by the Houchart family from 1898 till 1941.

Because of the size of the domaine, 80 hectares, it is possible to take full advantages of a wide variety of soil types, with predominantly sandy, chalky soil and deeper beds of clay and silt. This allows adequate drainage of rainfall and ensures the vines are able to produce the best possible quality.

Today, Domaine Houchart still has the fifty hectares of vines, situated at Puyloubier, at the foot of the famed MONT SAINT VICTOIRE, 17 kms east of Aix en Provence. Since 1984, these wines have been commercialised by Vignobles Jérôme Quiot.

The grape varieties used are those traditional to Provence and balanced to give the best possible results, with ages of 30 to 50 years. The average yield is about 50 hl per hectare. The vines are left untrelised on the ground in the traditional "gobelet" fashion, other than the Syrah and young vines, which are trained on wires. Harvests are entirely hand for the white wines, half for rosé and reds.

Cotes du Provence Rose
Cotes du Provence Red
Cotes du Provence White
Cotes du Provence Rose "St. Victoire"

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