David Milligan Selections

My father is a Francophile.

He has loved French wines since he started drinking them some 40 years ago.

In 1995 he left the corporate wine world with one goal. To bring the wines that he loved to you, the consumer. He selected estates from across France, that produced high quality wines at an affordable price. ( Maybe his Scottish ancestry! )

When I joined the company in 2006 the wine market had evolved. While I am also a Francophile, there is a great deal more diversity in the market now and I have found a love for many regions of the world.

Our producers practice sustainable agriculture in the vineyard and the highest standard of winemaking in the winery, in order to perfectly present the individuality of each vineyard site.

It is because of this shared vision and our "Direct from the Producer" system of distribution, that we are able to represent some of the best values in each category.

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope that over the next few minutes we can help you discover more about what could be your new favorite wine.

-Alex Milligan